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Primitive Technology

Bark roof     This isn’t from Ruby Creek, but there are times we can all relate to it. This fellow challenges himself to adapt with nothing but what nature offers him. Starting basically naked but for a pair of shorts for modesty, he makes tools, shelter, fuel and weapons,

His videos are presented without narration and are oddly satisfying as he demonstrates skills long forgotten.    Primitive technology


IMG_1509One of the often overlooked assets of our area is The North Country Trail. it stretches approximately 4,600 miles (7,400 km) from eastern New York to central North Dakota.

IMG_1520-1We’re at about the midpoint, it crosses just east of Big Star Lake. A great afternoon hike is to start at the 76th St trailhead and go south across Jenks creek and into Sterling marsh. The Bridge across Jenks creek has just been replaced and there are 13 boardwalks through Sterling Marsh, with a total length of over a quarter mile, . All bridges and boardwalks are built and maintained by The Spirit of the Woods NCT club, and all by volunteer labor.

From the 76th st trailhead to the end of the boardwalks and back is just over six miles, but you can explore along Jenks rd to find places to park and hike shorter lengths. You’ll pass through young and old forests, along a creek, past an open water wetland, and above a swamp.IMG_1522