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Deer Hunters’ Report

The weekend start to the 2014 rifle season by most reports was quieter than past years. A fresh snow and cold temperatures are usually welcome, (although a little too similar to the start of last year’s epic winter) but by purely anecdotal information it didn’t seem to bring in any extra hunters. The DNR reported license sale were down by almost a third this year, the new pricing and rules didn’t help.

The RCCRC Hunters Dinner though was a success. Over a hundred attended to enjoy a hot ham dinner in a warm hall after a cold snowy day in the woods,

The winners of the raffle were;                                                                                                                           1st, the .243 remington rifle, Jim Veldheer                                                                                                  2nd, the inline blackpowder rifle, Rosie Eberhardt of Ruby Creek,                                                         3rd, $50, John McCarter

Mason “Mutt” Tyndall

An original member and lifetime member of the community, Mutt Tyndall passed away November 2nd. Mutt was known far and wide and most everyone has a story involving him. Whether you shared a beer or a pepsi with him, played euchre or baled hay with him, if you spent any time around Carr Settlement at all you knew Mutt.

Second Chance for a Double Deer Tag

user13562_pic38062_1355366123Michigan’s new license structure requires hunters to choose at the time of purchase if they want the opportunity to harvest one or two antlered deer, and purchase either a single deer license (one kill tag) or a deer combo license (two kill tags).

Because this is the first year of the new structure, some hunters may have bought a single deer license without realizing they couldn’t buy another antlered deer license later.

Those who bought a single deer license and haven’t used it, and would like the deer combo license instead, may bring the unused license back to the store where they bought it – during business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.) – and ask the agent to call the DNR. The DNR will void the single deer license, the agent will keep the voided license and send it back to the DNR, and the hunter may then buy a deer combo license. Those who bought the single deer license online should call DNR Licensing at 517-284-6057 [ # ] during business hours.

Please note that state offices are closed on Nov. 4 and Nov. 11, so DNR staff members will not be available to void licenses on those days.