2020 Info About our Club.

This is from Janet, She wanted to give a look at what’s been happening… We have put the Club opening on hold. It will open for the July 24-25 yard sale. WE ARE RESPECTING SOCIAL DISTANCING. Wearing masks encouraged. Don’t cluster inside, we have tables spread out. Anybody that rents a table would be outside and bring own tables. Rent is $20.00 or /$15.00 for members. Since the club has been closed, we have been doing some maintenance. Floors scrubbed, waxed. Windows, walls, tables, chairs washed. We are fixing cracked window, ripped screens, sprinklers, painting, doing yard work. Beanie and Sheila are doing a Great Job with the yard mowing. We are still planning on the Hunter’s Education September 5-6. We are looking at doing class work and test on line. Field Day will be at the club. I’ll have posters up and put on Facebook as soon as I know. Dumpster day is August 8th. be prepared to empty your own vehicles/trailers. We will take scrap metal.

Club Closed Til Further Notice. 3/24/2020

Hello everyone. Just a little update. As of now Ruby Creek Conservation and Recreation Club is closed until further notice. All meetings and activities including the AA outing has been cancelled for now. We will keep you updated as we know more. Please everyone be safe and healthy. God Bless and hope to see you all soon. This picture is from Jim Williams. He thought it quit eerie, a Vulture sitting on a cemetery sign. Thanks for the photo Jim.

June 13th….2020. Meeting at the Pond

Hello. Hope everyone is doing well and taking care. Just got word from Janet, The picnic at the pond is on!!! Our first meeting of the year is June 13th at 10am. at the Interpretive Center. We will have our picnic following the meeting right around noon. We will be having hot dogs and brats. We will be practicing safe distancing and masks are preferred. . Also our first drawing of the year! Don’t forget to get those tickets in. Check in with Jim if you need more.

Death (Murder) of a Mama Bear

Jim got a call late one afternoon from a friend, who while kayaking came upon a sow laying on the river bank. Her three cubs climbed a tree. Mom bear was alive but couldn’t move. The DNR couldn’t come out until the next day. He wondered if Jim had any contacts to try to help he poked around but couldn’t come up with anything. His friend texted him early the next afternoon saying they had to put the sow down as she appeared to have suffered a spinal injury. Jim knew the location, so he decided to go there to see what was happening. They ( DNR) had already caught 1 cub. The other two were up a tree on a branch over hanging the river. They were just a squawking !!! Five DNR staffers and 2 climbing specialist were there with a electric cherry picker. An amazing rescue took place, with after great difficulty the first one was caught with a noose on a long pole. The second cub by now is really freaking and ended up falling in the river. These guys at full speed ran along a pretty steep bank and were able to get him caught in a long fishing net. All in all it was a thrilling hour or so. Jim congratulated all of them, thanked them for their service. If the bar would of been open he would of bought them all a beer. The DNR calls it poaching Jim (and I agree) call it Murder.  The DNR has a number of  ‘Foster Parent’ tagged Sows. They lather them in Vicks Vapo Rub and apparently are welcomed easily by their new mom. People could learn a lot from Bears.  

Up Date: From Janet

Our events are still up in the air. The dumpster day is postponed until a later date. We are planning on the PICNIC AT THE POND on JUNE 13th following our meeting at 10 a.m at the Pond.
Our area is so lucky keeping the virus out. We must be following safety rules. GREAT JOB|||


Happy New Year 2020

Happy 2020 everyone. As you know the club is closed for the season. Just wanted to rehash the last year. We opened the club in April, We had a successful dumpster day in May with a pot luck following. In June we had three events, first was our Picnic at the Pond with our first drawing of the year. That was a fun nice get together. Then our annual garage sale, that’s always fun never know what you might find there. We also had our very first fishing contest, not bad for a first. Then in Aug. we had our Breakfast before the D.A.V parade. So much fun, such a nice thing for our little community. Then the Hunters Safety Course in Sept. Also a Pot Luck and Crossbow drawing. Oct. was our Chili Cook Off, with our most entries yet. Nov. was a very busy month with two big events, Hunters Ham Dinner and then our community Thanksgiving Dinner. Again Thank You to everyone. A reminder . AA meetings are being held at the Walhalla Fire Barn, Sundays at 10am. Love this picture, it was taken by Jim Williams. So beautiful, she was hanging out in his back yard. Pretty good camouflage. Mother Nature at her finest. Well that’s about all for now. See you in April.


A recent windstorm/tornado passed through the area at the beginning of September. Many trees in the area were uprooted, and here is a couple of pictures of damage on the North Country Trail.

Notice the guy in the lower left corner piloting the drone that took this shot. You can also make out the cleared trail from the first picture.