Furnace Crisis

One of the three hanging furnaces in the clubhouse has been cranky the last few years. It needed a new thermocoupler almost yearly and developed a small leak near the pilot light. A furnace repair man was called in and during the initial inspection found several small cracks in the heat exchanger.This is bad.

It means the heater is leaking exhaust gases into the room. The heat exchanger in not repairable and so the furnace, after 20 years. has come to the end of its’ life.

After inspecting the other two furnaces cracks were found in their heat exchangers also. About the worse outcome we could have gotten.

Three new heaters were ordered and hopefully will be installed before the first rental of the season but we’re cutting it close, and the way this spring has been a cold clubhouse in not an option. Needless to say this is blowing a huge hole in our budget, thankfully we’re able to cover it with out borrowing any money, but expect some fundraisers and donation requests to keep the heat on.

Amazon Smile

We’ve registered as a non-profit with Amazon Smile, which means we could receive .05% of any purchases made with RCCRC as the designated recipient.

It’s just a little more work than the usual Amazon transaction, but here is how it’s done.

Go to Smile.Amazon.com , It looks just like the regular Amazon. When you’re ready to check out you’ll be given the choice of who you want to donate to. We’re registered as “Ruby Creek Conservation and Recreation Club”. It will also appear on a line below the search box.

And that’s it, everything else is the same as the regular Amazon experience. Just make sure you go to Smile.Amazon.com

Nature CSI 2

In Mecosta County in a private woodlot there is a stone pile fence about 4′ high, 8′ wide and over 100 yds long. A lot of the land here was given to Civil War veterans after the war to homestead and tame the Michigan wilderness.

Some poor fool cleared this land and wrestled all these stone into this pile so he could farm. Now 150 years later the farm is long abandoned and the forest has reclaimed the field. You have to marvel at the optimism and fortitude of these farmers and wonder what they would say if they could see it now.

Nature CSI

On Mayday, while hiking on the North Country Trail north of the Timbercreek campground, we came across this,IMG_1626The NCT is marked with blue blazes about 5 feet high all along the trail. These blazes looked very fresh, likely done this spring. It appears a bear sampled this blaze, the tree was gouged only here, it didn’t appear to have been climbed, and it wasn’t scratched up like a territory claim tree. Further down the trail about 30 yards a second tree, also a red pine, was marked and gouged the same way.IMG_1627IMG_1630Just a wild guess, but perhaps a hungry, just awoken bear was attracted to either the smell of the paint or the color and had to check it out, These were the only scratched blaze marks we saw, and only on red pines. Probably a disappointing taste for someone.