Hello everyone.  The new year is bringing us more sunshine and warm weather.  40 degrees is not my hot spot.  Even the fishing has been hit and miss.  My brother Glen went on a fishing charter down by Detroit and got their limit on Walleye.  We opened the Club April 13 with our first meeting.  The events for the year were planned.  If you could work at one of the events, please send me a note, text, email, or call.  As we are getting older, we need more help.  I can’t lift, jump, or work like I used to.  

Hank and Judy VerSluys have moved to an assisted living place in Ludington.  I had a moving sale for them. It was hard to see them leave the area, but we wish them the best.  The VerSluys’ have been a member of our Club since they moved here around 2000.  Hank has been an active member helping to build the pavilion, pit toilet, and refresh the pond.  He kept our driveways graded with his kubota.  Our flower garden was made with his help.  Judy was active in the kitchen as able and was our secretary for a long time.  They are life members and will keep in touch with visitors and newsletters.  Hank has taken himself off the Board.  Glen Sawdy was appointed.  Mike Gerard has replaced Nick Schmuck who dropped his position.  Nick will still help at events.

May 11 is our Dumpster Day.  If anyone could assist with emptying trailers/trucks as they come in, please call.  It opens at 8:30. The Dumpster is usually full by 1pm.  We take scrap metal also.  Brian Johnston will do the dumpster this year.  Remember, NO TIRES, PAINT, HAZARDOUS WASTE.  We also do road cleanup and river sites in area.  We will be walking at 9am to do this.  Help us keep our roads looking nice.  The meeting will start around 10am with a potluck.

We go right to the Annual Yard sale.  We have all different items.  Something for everyone.  May 17, 18, 19 are the dates, starting at  8:30—4.  Give me a call if you can help one of these days.  Even 2-3 hours help.

We are putting another solar light in the pit toilet at the Pond.  Someone had been stealing them.  We need a light in there.  So please let me know of anyone who is taking the lights. We need another kitchen stove.  The oven quit working in the newest one we bought.   The well at the Pond is running slow.  Cameron Well Drilling will clean the point.  We wil be staining the deck at the pond.  If interested in helping, call Ray.   Ray will also need help replacing the signs and flag pole. 


YOUR PRESIDENT,  Janet DeYoung   231-898-2779

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