2014 Antlerless Deer License

il_570xN.364918495_dvjnThe  2014 Antlerless Deer license application is available now, July 15-Aug 15. The system changed this year, you won’t be able to just show up at a license dealer on Sept 10 with $15 and hope to snag a leftover doe permit, The price and requirements have changed.

You first must purchase a base license for $11, which is really a small game license, and to be in the drawing pay another $5. You now have more invested than last years’ $15 leftover, (assuming you got to the dealer in the 45 minutes they were available). The Doe Permit itself will set you back $20.  So $36 should get you a doe permit, another $20 for a buck license, Or $40 for the combo.

It’s confusing, go to the DNR website to figure it all out, here . It looks like the best deal is the combination hunt and fish for $76, which gives you a fishing license, small game, and deer combo, still extra for the doe permit though.h-deer-098


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