Dumpster Day


On May 3rd we held our annual dumpster day, a joint venture with Logan township who shares half the cost. Turn out was disappointing to say the least. It may have been the weather, it still didn’t feel like time for spring clean up, or word didn’t get around that the dumpster would be there, or people may have misinterpreted the sign asking for donations.

Dumpsters are expensive, the charge this year for a single dumpster was close to $600. Other townships such as Branch, with a much larger population and tax base, pay out $6000 for a spring clean up day. RCCRC doesn’t view dumpster day as a fund raiser, it’s more important to keep the trash out of the ditches, streams and forests, but we hope the service is appreciated and used, and hopefully comes close to a break even situation. Let us know if this is a service you use and wish to continue.

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