Death (Murder) of a Mama Bear

Jim got a call late one afternoon from a friend, who while kayaking came upon a sow laying on the river bank. Her three cubs climbed a tree. Mom bear was alive but couldn’t move. The DNR couldn’t come out until the next day. He wondered if Jim had any contacts to try to help he poked around but couldn’t come up with anything. His friend texted him early the next afternoon saying they had to put the sow down as she appeared to have suffered a spinal injury. Jim knew the location, so he decided to go there to see what was happening. They ( DNR) had already caught 1 cub. The other two were up a tree on a branch over hanging the river. They were just a squawking !!! Five DNR staffers and 2 climbing specialist were there with a electric cherry picker. An amazing rescue took place, with after great difficulty the first one was caught with a noose on a long pole. The second cub by now is really freaking and ended up falling in the river. These guys at full speed ran along a pretty steep bank and were able to get him caught in a long fishing net. All in all it was a thrilling hour or so. Jim congratulated all of them, thanked them for their service. If the bar would of been open he would of bought them all a beer. The DNR calls it poaching Jim (and I agree) call it Murder.  The DNR has a number of  ‘Foster Parent’ tagged Sows. They lather them in Vicks Vapo Rub and apparently are welcomed easily by their new mom. People could learn a lot from Bears.  

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