Up Date: From Janet

Our events are still up in the air. The dumpster day is postponed until a later date. We are planning on the PICNIC AT THE POND on JUNE 13th following our meeting at 10 a.m at the Pond.
Our area is so lucky keeping the virus out. We must be following safety rules. GREAT JOB|||


Happy New Year 2020

Happy 2020 everyone. As you know the club is closed for the season. Just wanted to rehash the last year. We opened the club in April, We had a successful dumpster day in May with a pot luck following. In June we had three events, first was our Picnic at the Pond with our first drawing of the year. That was a fun nice get together. Then our annual garage sale, that’s always fun never know what you might find there. We also had our very first fishing contest, not bad for a first. Then in Aug. we had our Breakfast before the D.A.V parade. So much fun, such a nice thing for our little community. Then the Hunters Safety Course in Sept. Also a Pot Luck and Crossbow drawing. Oct. was our Chili Cook Off, with our most entries yet. Nov. was a very busy month with two big events, Hunters Ham Dinner and then our community Thanksgiving Dinner. Again Thank You to everyone. A reminder . AA meetings are being held at the Walhalla Fire Barn, Sundays at 10am. Love this picture, it was taken by Jim Williams. So beautiful, she was hanging out in his back yard. Pretty good camouflage. Mother Nature at her finest. Well that’s about all for now. See you in April.

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